A special edition of ALMS

Hg buddha2 ALMS v1.2 for Linux in preparation ALMS v1.1 SE has been written for MS Windows - all versions
and can be downloaded by clicking here

ALMS is an inspirational practice timer for yoga, meditation and other timed practices

ALMS includes screen affirmations

ALMS is a very simple program

and requires a sound card (otherwise the only warning of time finished is the screen flashing)

With this Special Edition only three images are included but all the original sounds are included

Before the retreat the Moray meditation and Peace1 themes are recommended

Other images and detailed meditations will be provided during the retreat


This is from the affirmations which you will find in the right base:

You are the Beloved 
The presence made manifest 
Prepare to ease yourself 
into a comforting mind state 
Calm and breath out gently 
Slow awareness into comfort 
Feel eased into calm . . . 
Enter deeper calm 
a rhythm 
a formless pattern 

ALMS ver 1.1 SE (Special Edition) tech notes Edit

If you already have ALMS on your sytem install

to another directory such as ALMS SE or uninstall

the older version first

170.x (source code number and file)

This is the Special Edition for the Internet Peace Retreat

Links and other info changed

New colour scheme introduced

It is written in the Open Source XBasic language

a combination of 'C' and Basic

and the open source code is included

along with notes in the source code

for Linux users to compile and

make the required changes for their system

It is open source freeware

The Windows version is provided as a self installing .exe

and should should run on ALL versions of


Win 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Blackcomb

It will run on all CPU's from 386 onward, including AMD and Intel

That is because the file xb.dll carries its own windowing routines

and the program compiles to assembler language

- making it efficient on all computers

Future versions of ALMS may be built in Curl or ASQ

NB: this is the web page that shows the inspiration behind ALMS


Tech Tips from HolyGeeks Edit