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What we need to bootstrap? Edit

The language is the glue

what developers want

  • A web enabled language such as Ajax, Aflax eg. OpenLazlo, Javascript, Flare, XUL, Curl
  • A free open source scripted language
  • An interactive hardware optimised (awaiting reconfigerable CPU's) language
  • An AI enhanced language built into a blog, wiki or browser
  • Standards based on XML
  • A search engine integrated language. The Flock Browser is the beginning of this approach
  • A highly collaborative and interactive language. Some integration of IM (Instant Messenger) standards is beginning
  • Real time programming
  • Language and environment template
  • Flexibility,
  • Drag and drop

For the prototype we will be using primarily XUL as it fulfills more of these components than the other languages


What is Transformational Programming? Edit

"Like many of these other efforts, Lynch and Garland’s approach starts with a concept called abstraction. The idea is to begin with a high-level summary of the goals of the program and then write a series of progressively more specific statements that describe both steps the program can take to reach its goals and how it should perform those steps. For example, a high-level abstraction for an aircraft collision avoidance system might specify that corrective action take place whenever two planes are flying too close. A lower-level design might have the aircraft exchange messages to determine which should ascend and which should descend."

Where will we store data? Edit

Data is increasingly stored in shared cyber space, with personalised access such as GoogleBase Will offline storage be seen as anachronistic? No it is a natural human tendency to operate individually and collectively and value both approaches.

The unique ability of humans is in the personal arrangement of data

Proxy Caching

Place and examine code

5 Exabytes: All words ever spoken by human beings. How much is a Yottabyte? What exactly is enough?


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