The next initiation Edit

scheduled for 2008 at the earliest and will consist of:

  • Bi-location for beginners - a two part initiation held simultaneously
  • Precognition - venue not to be released until after the event


This empowerment will consist of:

  • Spiritual Attachments - How to increase your store
  • Spiritual Possesions - Being God for fun and Prophet
  • Computer worship Upgrade NOW!

Fanatics will be consecrated

Temples will bulge

Information about the Metta Ray Yinyana Triple Dorje Empowerment Edit


The Three Jewels of Taoism to be sought are compassion, moderation and humility

If you have read this far you are reverse engineered

a Triple Dorje 'Toe Dipper' empowerment

You are empowered to print out the Nasrudin Certification and display it

and develop elementary understanding

Triple Dorje 'Rainbow Cleansing' practice

What is it

It is a cleansing and protection practice.

Each tradition carries a way of fortifying and sanctifying the psyche

for example the kabbalistic cross, the drawing of the pentagram, crossing oneself, ritual bathing and so on

How is it done?

OM - Purification or opening of the Bodhi energy

YA - Affirmation of the Energy - it is the positive essence of MAY TRE YA

HA - Expression of the energy

HUM - The Rainbow Pulse


Information on the rainbow pulse available by virtue and delivery of the Astral Dolphins

Spirit Edit

My totem was a real octopus, who also happened to be my mentor. Olli Octopus was one of the finest gurus, until we ate Olli in a bout of reverence and hunger.

I feel it was karma.

In a sense everything is a totem or revelation of its inner quality. By expressing love and reverance we find the gift inside each abstract totem, the idea of Peace, the spirit of the mermaid, will empower us. This is the Great Mystery of submission to the wonderous nature of objects and ideas. Give and back it comes enfolding and empowering.

Peace is not just a lamb but the wolf. Peace is bear. Peace in the silence and in the noise. Open spaces and closed minds. Peace is the diversity of the rainbow, the raising of the spring buds. From the earth comes the mountains. From the moutains gush the waters. To the Oceans. To Die.

We would like to thank those who were present at the recent Triple Dorje Initiation

The following people were excluded for the usual reasons:

Lobster - Completely unsuitable

Jigme Champa - Busy cleaning

KnowMystery - Refusal to be worshipped [1]

Cecil - Too god-like

Christine - Over zealous mantra commitment

"How unfair! and for 'over-zealous mantra commitment'- piffle!:)"

o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam! o-watabanana-iyam!

What is an empowerment? Edit

File:Our Feather2.jpg

An empowerment is an encouragement to practice refinement. It comprises of:

  1. The theory, the nature or alignment one wishes to enhance or aim towards.
  2. A revelation or teaching and practice that engages and enables commitment
  3. An increased activation and attunement to the induction and attributes of the empowerment

Stage Won

  1. Paper bag Yoga
  2. Calmer Karma, stirring the emotions and dissolving the mined
  3. Guru Precious Jewel
  4. How to worship your computer
  5. The Slow Walk
  6. Spiritual Olympics for the really zealous

Resolutions Edit

(for those with the Tmxxine empowerment)

  1. To return Christs Body
  2. To cook Gabriel before he causes any further whispering. (Angels taste of chicken)
  3. To exhibit the original 10 Commandments in an art gallery
  4. . . . introducing Metta Ray or Meitraya or Mahdhi or the 'Comforter', a NEW enhanced LOVE Emanation for the future, suitable for usage across religious divides.

The Lineage Edit

A lineage to Padmahsambhavna, Mustafa, Goatarama or in our case to the future,

is a way of increasing the authenticity of a teaching.

However empowerment is not resonance with the past or the future but alignment within the Presents of the Triple Jewels

  • Our magickal authority is from the Three Jewels
  • Our religious authority is from The Elementals
  • Our mystical authority is Non Existent

Yinyana of the Tripledorje - Three Jewels meditation Edit


Send metta to three images - fantasy constructs

1. Our fantasy or idealised Self as a future Buddha

2. Our self as manifested through others

3. Our self as others perceive us.

This corresponds to the Three Jewels

YinYana Buddhism Edit

The structure or shell

is the shape of the ocean made into


For example a Mermaid or Buddha

have no being

in your mind

they are a structure

So too with any dream dharma

It is a structure of being through

which the ocean manifests

Let us say your understanding dissolves

In its solidifying

you need a rock or basis

this is the refuge of the Buddha

The Christ

The Kabbalah

The Dervish way

or whatever is the flavour of ones salt

In the dissolving it is all spray and ocean

but in the solidity

I take refuge

in The Buddha

The Dharma

and the Sangha

I commit to attunement with preparatory Yinyana practices

Key Features Edit


Certified by Nasrudin

Fully human (may have floors, flaws or other levels)

Independent of dogma and esoteric magik. You will be told what you are doing and why

We have a few incarnations before the Metta Ray comes and therefore this empowerment will consist of

  • Traditional Japa-Mantra-Zikir recitation
  • Connection to the Baraka or spiritual virtue of the future Buddha
  • Rasayana relaxation
  • Full certification


We believe this empowerment will take 3 to 6 months of regular practice to complete

During this time you will be practicing the following religions (to run concurrently)

Buddhism, Islam and a religion of choice (possibly not yours)

Yinyana empowerements are not suitable for Astral Dolphins

(Typical! They turned up anyway. OK who told them about the fish? Lobster?)






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