31 Dec 2004 celebrating on the hour Edit

Peace for all
every hour it is 00:00 somewhere else HAPPY NEW YEAR

Dates and events may be change

  1. Welcome to our Cyber Retreat - free poem composed for new arrivals, free oto for each participant
  2. Peaceful sky watching with Star Gazers - Comet Machholz
  3. Poems of Peace throughout the night
  4. 1200 GMT - Happy New with Goodwill from all corners
  5. Auld Lang Syne - the past is dying . . .

The Celebration will compose of

  • Celebration of Life
  • Celebration of the Dharma
  • Celebration of the New Year

1 Jan 2005Edit

  1. Resolution "Taking the pledge - things we Will do"
  2. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year Yr2005
  3. Peace Messages
  4. How to send random acts of goodwill to blogs, web sites and wikis

2 Jan 2005Edit

  1. ALMS Meditation (Special Edition created for this retreat)
  2. Peace poets - Rite till you drop with Steve Toth and KnowMystery

3 Jan 2005 ~ Dzogchen Tantra with Jigme ChampaEdit

4 Jan 2005Edit

  1. Ma Nature with -ts-
  2. Tmxxine Inter-dimensional cooking with Lobster

5 Jan 2005Edit

  1. A cyber merging of Sorcery, Shamanism, Atheists, Artists
  2. Poets, Alchemists, HolyGeeks Buddhists, Dervishes, Pagans, Christians, Muslims waved at
  3. The irreligious and the trans-spiritual offer their experience
  4. Triple Dorje Peace Empowerment with Cecil

Cool Meteor Mystery!

August 2005 Edit

  1. Perseid Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteor Shower Aug 11/12

2005 Perseid Gallery