• Lobster ~ Good luck and good health
  • "gskldjggj jg gs gsigfs" Lorik
  • "All hail Lorik! (he makes more sense than all the rest of us put together.)" -ts-
  • "One day this summer during CurlChat, an omen of peace arrived on the balcony and visited for a while" KnowMystery
  • "This is what is - rest are stories" yosy
  • "Being silent in peace creates a different between knowledge and wisdom" Peter Kloppert

Our Peace

Thoughts on our logo: To me, this image embodies embracing Peace. It is an expression of reaching out and up with open arms of Peace. I can think of no color more appropriate than green, the color of the Heart chakra. I know people are not in this for praise, but what a wonderful logo you have crafted! --Knowmystery 08:26, 5 Dec 2004 (PST)

  • "kind of reminds me of the Burningman logo...but cooler...I mean in color range" lynnkub