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Year of the Rooster?

Our Little Girlie... Finger1

A handfed zebra finch orphan(before she died of a respiratory ailment) you all the eye!


Baby owl finches look like the adults on a bad hair day...


Button Quail are like miniature chickens (suitable for semi-suburban setting if your neighbors aren't fussy)...with a call like a "laughing hawk"


...and the chicks are the size of bumblebees


And for all the Peace are the "Viewsonic" birds (Australian Grass finches...the Gouldians)

Birds 05b

Birds, Butterflies, Gardens, Feeders, Houses, Penguins Edit

Birds & Butterflies

backyard birding

British Garden Birds

Crusty Garden



Tmxxine Linux (empowered by penguins)


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