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Chocolate Soup

8 oz of ROOM TEMPERATURE very good chocolate, like Valhrona or whatever you prefer

3 cups milk (may substitute light cream if desired; or you could use a mix of half milk and half heavy whipping cream)

  • Break the chocolate into smallish chunks
  • Using a hand grater, grate a small quantity of the choclate into flakes; set aside to be used as garnish for the finished soup.
  • Put the remaining chocolate into a blender or food processor
  • Heat the milk/cream until it is not quite at a boil (we don't want to scald it) and then let it sit for about 1 1/2 minute or so
  • Pour the milk/cream into the blender with the chocolate chunks
  • Puree until the mixture is smooth
  • Serve the soup immediately in two bowls, garnished with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream, topped with the grated chocolate flakes. [The soup should be warmish to contrast with the cold ice cream - at least that is the way i like it.]
  • That's the *basic* chocolate soup stock and process. An extra part that is fun if you want is playing around with adding *seasonings*... [ IMO, the first time, just the plain recipe may be *enough* :) ]

rose hips :)
vanilla extract

Soup is the official food of the Tmxxine Ozmonaughts
(famous Ozmonaughts include the Astral Dolphins, BIM and Lorik)
Soup is suitable for multidimensional picnics

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