This page explains how to report a problem relating to any Wikia. Don't use this page itself to report a problem - find the right page from the links below. You can ask for help and report problems on the Wikia forums.

Copyright violationsEdit

If you are the owner of content that is being used on Wikia without your permission, then please see designated agent for details on how to request the removal of this.

If you merely suspect that content on a particular page contains a copyright infringement, then you may replace the text with the boilerplate copyright infringement notice text such as the one found at Template:Copyvio. Informal queries or requests relating to copyright matters can be sent to Wikia using this contact form.

Article contentEdit

Everyone can edit articles and other pages on Wikia. If you see something incorrect with a page just use the edit link and correct it. To talk about ways to improve a page further, or to report a problem on a protected page, use the discussion tab displayed when you are viewing that page, and then add a comment there.

Software problemsEdit

To submit bug reports and feature requests, please use the Wikia forums. If the problem is generally with MediaWiki, rather than with the Wikia set up, you should use the bug tracker at instead.

You can talk directly to any of the Wikia Community Team or mail Wikia using the Contact form

If the site is completely down, updates on the server status will be given at

Other problemsEdit

Other problems with the wiki, content, or with another user, should be dealt with by the community on that wiki. Many Wikia will have a central community area, such as the community portal where you can report a problem. If not, it is traditional to use Talk:Main Page of the wiki in question to talk to the community.

To talk to an individual user, go to their user page and follow the discussion link (page top) to leave a public message, or e-mail this user link (page left) to send them private e-mail.

If you find the problem is not solved after you have contacted the community, you can address your problem to the wider Wikia community on the Wikia forums.

Contact detailsEdit

If you can not solve the problem using the above means, you can contact Wikia using the Special:Contact page on any Wikia.

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