Here ...
we hope to speak of, and share, various life changing experiences.
We are especially interested in the idea of Surrender, esp as regards the idea of Fear.
Not through attempts to avoid or reject that which is fearful or painful ...
but by exploring what it means to adopt an attitude of acceptance ...
of entrusting that there really is nothing we need fear ...
other than Fear itself.

It is not about capitulating ...
or renouncing, or giving up, or conceding defeat.
It is about being willing to relinquish control ...
it is about yielding ... about letting go ...
about accepting ... and fully embracing ...
Life and ALL that it offers.

"do not force something to happen ...
just have a sense of openness to the
phenomena you are allowing to come
into existence."

This is what we hope to explore ...
through relating some of our own life experiences.

All are welcome to join in.
Please share your own stories below ...
and feel free to use the discussion tab above to comment.

A sudden shift
i cannot say that i achieved.
i can only say i tried so much that i was annihilated.
i tried so much that any effort became absurd.
and a moment came when i was not trying ...
when the mind was not ...
when i was not thinking.
then there was no future and no past ...
i was mindless ...
then something happened.
i can only say that it is always happening ...
and i was not aware of it before.
i cannot say that it happened in that moment ...
it was always happening ...
only i was closed.
it IS happening ...

every tiny thing

when i could see every tiny grain of earth
and every leaf on every tree
and worms between, and birds on branches
a full 360 degrees optically - around my head
all at once.

some teacher had said to "look at your hands"
when seemingly such psychic visions
she said "the soul is trying to leave the body."
well, i dunno bout anyone else,
but i SAW it all -
all at once.

vision curtailed by near-sightedness
i have never known yet
how that was possible.

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