New Features
200px Talk Page Messaging

Dismissable messages on talk pages. A simple way for us to keep you up to date on what's going on.

200px Monaco skin

A new skin closer in style to Monobook yet incorporating new features.

200px New page creator

You can more easily create new pages with this template-based page creator. You can even create your own templates.

200px New skin chooser

Select one of the pre-built styles to give your wiki some color... or select one you built yourself. To learn how see our step-by-step guide here.

200px Easily search and import images from Flickr

Flickr has a large inventory of images that are already appropriately licensed for use on Wikia. Search Flickr and easily import the images you find using this tool.

200px Pop-up login

More than just a flashy login... this lets you log in without leaving the page you're currently on. In addition, you can log in while editing and not lose what you're editing.

200px Customize with Widgets

Now you can customize the sidebar even more... choose which widgets have information you want to see and drop those on your sidebar. In addition, you have a personal widget dashboard on your wiki where you can get an overview of what's going on. See this page for example: Widget Dashboard.

200px See how people get to your wiki!

(BETA) This tool tells you what keywords people are using in search engines to find your site . See what people are really looking for and maybe find a surprise or two! Look for this special page on your own wiki: Special:WebTools.

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