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To honor or work for peace, we first have to learn to dance.

This Dance Beyond Ourselves

There are endless questions, 
but I don’t want questions this morning. I want to feel soft earth under my feet, want to pad down well turned soil heavy with awakening seeds, their roots barely a curved comma pushing outward. I want to smell earth and clay and the ripeness of life, the subtle warmth of small bodies hidden in nests under bushes or in beds of wildflowers or abandoned burrows.
I want to see 
with the eyes of a fox, 
listen with the ears of an owl to 
hear the first stirrings of thought, 
the intimations of intent. 
I want to feel with the strong skin of 
a snake who senses every indentation, 
every bump and ripple on the path.  
I want to wrap myself in the dark 
like an opossum at home 
in this sunless world. 
I want to slit the edges of my mind, 
these walls made of thought and words.  
I want to walk as a ghost would, 
leaving no tracks, become the song 
singing through the swamp,  
through the roots of mangroves, 
the feet of frogs, and 
bellowing gator breaths.  
I want to rumble and twirl 
and writhe to the drum notes 
of the universe, this dance 
beyond ourselves that never ends.

Peace Poems from a 12 year old in TehranEdit

Zen posted this at my group ...
and i thought it appropriate for this Peace wiki ...
so I'll place it here on his page. -ts-

He says:
"The poems are from 12 year old Soufie who lives in Tehran.
They are amazing."

They are included in an open letter from Sam Hamill
as part of a new year's message encourage all to come
together in this new year as Peace Warriors ...
to Be Elements of Peace.

the full letter can be read at

this is his closing ...
followed by young Soufie's poems.

"This winter solstice I will close with a handful of poems by Soufie, who is 12 years old and lives in Tehran and likes haiku and wants to learn Japanese and live in Japan. The translations are by the Iranian editor Ali Samavati (with a little help from me)."


Sam Hamill

Soufie’s poems (no titles):

How poor are the children!
All the time,
they have to learn
they have to be careful not to be blamed
and they have to fear God’s punishment
Even on Fridays when nobody works
children have to work
they have so much to do
that they don’t realize
when they are dreaming
or when they are awake
Lucky are the trees
who have nothing to do
but to turn yellow and green
At night, they are not afraid of the dark
They don’t die like grandfathers
and they have many good friends
like the wind, rain and sunshine
And a friend like the dew
who always puts its head
on the shoulder of their leaves.
Sometimes I get a chocolate
and sometimes I get a beating
and I never know
when I’m asleep or awake
But now I’m very depressed
And I wish I were like angels
or I didn’t exist at all
then I wouldn’t always need to say "Hello."

- - -

I wish we would never lose each other
but could be lost in one another.

- - -

In children’s eyes
a park is nothing but a green lawn.
In old men’s eyes
a park is nothing but a few yellow benches.
Children should run in the parks
so the trees would not see the canes
and leaves
would not fall from their eyes.

- - -

God, with all his light,
walks in the darkness!
On the trail of his shoes,
trees grow.
And on the trail of his thoughts,
autumn appears.

- - -

On the streets
You see eyes with clouds inside
of wrinkled faces
And the faces of the mournful
are full of heavenly tears.
And those black, heartless clothes
that have nothing to do with poems.

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